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Connect with your audience with our digital signage solutions. We have developed specific products and solutions for different markets, to offer effective and customizable solutions according to the specific needs of customers. As a technology leader that continuously evolves to meet the needs of both integrators and solution providers, ensuring the public has relevant, consistent and impactful experiences.

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Assisting Shoppers

Digital solutions permit retailers to convey personalization at scale, changing showcasing messages on retail computerized presentations to resonate with current clients. Sales associates tasks can be automated with retail digital signage solutions including self-service kiosks, freeing the associates up for customer service-related activities and tasks, assisting shoppers with product selection.


Solution for DOOH

Outdoor Digital signage solutions work progressively to grab your intended interest crowd while they are outside. Especially, In this modern time, digital signages are considered to be the most effective way to get the message across. At Screenage, we see how significant the position of outside signage is. Strategic positioning can help your brand receiving the maximum benefit from outdoor displays.

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Guest Experience

We have a different arrangement of abilities — including indoor and outdoor digital menu boards for restaurants, media players, content administration, administrations, and backing. Due to this a customer visit will be more attractive and draw more attention from customers from outside of your restaurants by watching the outdoor Display signage.


Improve Passenger Experience

Transportation Digital signage sets out new open doors to inform, entertain and plan travellers for their excursion all through the terminal, with real-time digital signage updates, for example, flight status, time-to-entryway assessments, security data, and current climate conditions at their ideal destination. Improve the traveller experience by promoting innovation and transportation digital signage that drives dynamic informing, intuitive encounters, accommodation, and personalization.

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Solution for Hospitality

Showcasing innovation, including digital signs permits hotel and casino owners and administrators to interactively manage visitors to attractions, occasions, and accommodation conveniences. Promote specials and sales at onsite restaurants, shops, and theatres while permitting show participants to check event plans.


Signage For Meeting & Conference Rooms

By using Screeage’s digital signage you can make the best of your workspace, From the hall to your preparation rooms, your professional workplace with visual innovation and a customized experience leaves a lasting impression on new clients and representatives. The conference room signage solution keeps employees and visitors informed of current and future meetings taking place in the room.

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